Walker Staff
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A group of adults sit in a theater audience looking at the viewer and smiling.
Walker Art Center Staff, December 2022. Photo by Kam Herndon


As of January 2023, the Walker Art Center staff includes:

Fatimzahra Ajaraam, Gallery Assistant
Matthew Allen, Gallery Assistant
Savior Allen-Knight, Sales Associate
Asli Altay, Head of Content & Communications
Alycia Anderson, Associate Director, Annual Fund and Membership
Kristen Andring, Visitor Experience Box Office and Admissions Manager
Kate Arford, Design Studio Manager
Angela Arreguin, Gallery Assistant
Justin Ayd, Projectionist/Film Specialist
Ian Babineau, Graphic Designer
Alyssa Banks, Visitor Experience Manager
Nicholas Barker, Overnight Guard
David Bartley, Senior Registration Technician
Kristie Behrens, Gallery Assistant
Christian Beis, Art Handler
Mark Berg, Prospect Research and Management Associate
Carol Bessler, Gallery Assistant
Kerstin Beyer Lajuzan, Director of Annual Giving and Donor Stewardship
Charmaine Bishop, Human Resources Coordinator
Polline Bodin, Accounting Associate
Andrew Bogard, Design Fellow
Heather Bradley, Campaign Coordinator
Jason Brown-Hoesing, Associate Director of Hospitality
Scott Browning, Gallery Assistant
Savannah Bustillo, Educator
Alexandra Callais, Chief Guard
Mary Ceruti, Executive Director
Felicia Clark, Director of Business Development
John Crita, Gallery Assistant
Naomi Crocker, Manager of Director’s Office & Strategic Initiatives
Kevin Curran, Gift Officer
Doc Czypinski, Associate Director, Exhibition Installation
Ava Deshazer, Gallery Assistant
David Dick, Exhibition Carpentry Specialist
Jhoselin Dominguez, Visitor Experience Associate
Donna Dralle, Gallery Assistant
Megan Dunn, Gift Office
Randolph Durbin, Overnight Supervisor
Judy Earl, Gallery Assistant
Barbara Economon, Visual Resources Specialist
Emily Eicher, Gallery Assistant
Ryan Ellingson, Event Tech Coordinator
Siri Engberg, Senior Curator and Director of Visual Arts
Darren Erickson, Desktop Administrator
Roman Feldhahn, Educator
Timothy Fischer, Accounting Director
Makenzie Flom, Visitor Experience Specialist, Moving Image
Ana Freeberg, Visitor Experience Associate
Sidney Gasner, Gallery Assistant
Emily Gastineau, Editor, Mn Artists
Nia Gayle, Visitor Experience Associate
Deborah Girdwood, Program Manager, Moving Image
Matthew Goldencrown, Server Administrator
David Goldstein, Director of Visitor Experience & Insights
Nathan Gould, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Ricky Graham, Sales Associate
John Greenwald, Gallery Assistant
Jon Grippen, Chief Guard
Atigula Gul, Gallery Assistant
Jessica Hakala, Department Coordinator
Peter Hannah, Exhibition Installation and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Specialist
Molly Hanse, Department Administrator and Curatorial Assistant, Performing Arts
Michael Hansen, Visitor Experience Lead Associate
Christopher Harrison, Gallery Assistant
Wyatt Heatherington Tilka, Production Manager
William Hernández Luege, Curatorial Assistant, Visual Arts
Kameron Herndon, Image Specialist
Ellie Hohulin, Digital Content Creator
Joseph Holbrook, Gallery Assistant
Kim Hollingsworth Taylor, Interim Chief Financial Officer
Brian Huddleston, Graphic Designer
Daniel Hughes, Lead Gallery Assistant
Henriette Huldisch, Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs
Amanda Hunt, Head of Public Engagement, Learning & Impact
Hibaaq Ibrahim, Educator
Hussein Jama, Control Guard
Ji Jang, Gallery Assistant
Taylor Jasper, Assistant Curator, Visual Arts
James Joiner, Chief Guard
Eden Johnson, Seasonal Visitor Experience Associate
Pamela Johnson, Senior Editor
Rachel Joyce, Associate Director of Public Relations
Leif Jurgensen, Tessitura Administrator
Jonathan Karen, Exhibition Installation and Lighting Specialist
Flora Klein, Gallery Assistant
Joe King, Director of Collections & Exhibitions Management
Jon Kirchhofer, Lighting Supervisor
Lilly Knopf, Lead Educator
Courtney Kowalke, Overnight Guard
Charles LaBerge, Chief Guard
Sarah Lampen, Manager of Lifelong Learning & Accessibility
Steve Landmesser, Security Manager
Samuel Larom, Visitor Experience Lead Associate
Morgan Lee, Education Programs Coordinator
Rahsaan Lee, Visitor Experience Associate
Michael Lind, Collections Management Coordinator
John Lindell, Manager, Operations Administration
Douglas Livesay, Audio Supervisor
Kaya Lovestrand, Digital Communications Coordinator, Mn Artists
John Lyon, Cataloging Librarian
Carly Madigan, Gallery Assistant
Jaidyn Martin, Director of Human Resources
Michelle Maser, Visitor Experience Associate
Serena Mauro-Brown, Gallery Assistant
Kirk McCall, Exhibition Installation and Drafting Specialist
Rammy McKee, Visitor Experience Associate
Erin McNeil, Program Manager, Curatorial Affairs
Lena Menefee-Cook, Department Coordinator, Visual Arts
Deborah Meyer, Visitor Experience Associate
Matthew Villar Miranda, Curatorial Fellow, Visual Arts
Laura Moran, Marketing Manager
Janyce Moroz, Gallery Assistant
Jeff Morrison, Control Guard
Chelsea Moskal, Donor Relations Associate
Michael Muenchow, Engineering Manager
Diane Mullen, Gallery Assistant
Peter Murphy, Exhibition Media Specialist
Myrto Neamonitaki, Lead Gallery Assistant
Kayla Nordlund, Associate Registrar
Pablo de Ocampo, Director and Curator of Moving Image
Sean O’Donnell, Gift Officer
Amy Oeth, Gallery Assistant
Benny Olk, Donor Relations Coordinator
Kristen Olsen, Seasonal Visitor Experience Associate
Mark Owens, Design Director
Jennifer Riestenberg Pepin, Assistant Librarian
Keith Parker, Director of Operations
Brielle Pizzala, Sales Associate
Michelle Poss, Gift Officer
Matthew Prediger, Development Events Associate
Angela Prictoe, Visitor Experience Specialist, PELI
Pavel Pyś, Curator, Visual Arts
Rosa Raarup, Visitor Experience Specialist, Performing Arts
Miirah Raaum, Temporary Support
Laurel Rand-Lewis, Curatorial Fellow (Collections), Visual Arts
Pearl Rea, Associate Director, Event Production
Thomas Reed, Audience Analytics and Insights
Evan Reiter, Registration Technician
Aaron Robinson, Stage Supervisor
Tara Robinson, Gallery Assistant
Jessica Rolland, Senior Associate Registrar
Mark Rusch, Accounting Associate
William Schaub, Gallery Assistant
Joel Schwarz, Frame Shop Supervisor
Jeffrey Sherman, Media Installation Technician
Allison Simms, Gallery Assistant
Damon Smith, Building Maintenance Assistant
Tammy Smith-Foyt, Visitor Experience Associate
Diana Soderholm, Control Guard
Lucky Sok, Retail and Sales Operations Manager
Robert Somers, Assistant Building Engineer
Tonette Sowell, Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Marla Stack, Director, Director of Special Projects Fundraising
Wade Stebbings, Software Architect / Lead Developer
Christopher Stevens, Chief of Advancement
Glen Straight, Gallery Assistant
Garett Strickland, Gallery Assistant
Victoria Sung, Associate Curator, Visual Arts
Makeda Tadesse, Gallery Assistant
Geoff Thomas, Seasonal Visitor Experience Associate
Corra Thompson, Lead Gallery Assistant
Elizabeth del Toro, Human Resources Generalist
Samuel Van Fleet, Gallery Assistant
Jack Vater, Gallery Assistant
Julie Voigt, Senior Program Officer, Performing Arts
Jill Vuchetich, Archivist, Head of Archives & Library
Persis Wade, Gallery Assistant
Kova Walker-Lecic, Assistant Registrar
Leia Wambach, Family & Access Programs Coordinator
Pierre Ware, Project Photographer
Deborah Weaver, Accountant
Sara Wendinger, Gallery Assistant
Tessa Wick, Art Handler
Cameron Wittig, Senior Project Photographer
Jake Yuzna, Managing Content Producer
Simona Zappas, Youth & Community Programs Associate