Free First Saturday: Everyday Extraordinary
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Free First Saturday: Everyday Extraordinary

Kids gather for fun and learning at Free First Saturday on October 6, 2018. Photo: Carina Lofgren, Walker Art Center.

An order of French fries and a can of soup? These common items become extraordinary in Five Ways In. Discover artworks by Claes Oldenburg and Andy Warhol and then transform the “everyday” in your own remarkable piece.

Free First Saturdays feature free gallery admission on the first Saturday of every month, plus performances, games, art-making, and kids’ films from 10 am to 3 pm. Family friendly food options are available or bring something from home to snack on in the museum’s public spaces.

Art-Making Activity: What is Your Everyday?
10 am–3 pm

How do you get ready for school? What is your favorite food? Using the recycled materials provided, create a collage which illustrates your everyday experience. Think about the routines of your daily life and express them in an artwork.

Art-Making Activity: Soft Sculptures
10 am–3 pm

Take inspiration from the soft sculptures in Five Ways In (Yayoi Kusama’s Oven-Pan and Claes Oldenburg’s Shoestring Potatoes Spilling from a Bag) and your own with us. Meet new friends in this collaborative art making activity that uses a variety of fun materials.

Short Film: Mrs. McCutcheon
10 am–3 pm

Now at his third school, 10-year-old Tom has always felt he was born in the wrong body. After taking up the name Mrs. McCutcheon in place of his birth name, he has trouble finding acceptance from his newfound peers—but a school dance is about to revolutionize it all. Directed by John Sheedy. 2017, Australia, 10 mins. Showing on loop in the Bentson Mediatheque.

Note: due to the technical difficulties at March 2018 Free First Saturday, we will be screening this short film again this month.

Community Performance: Student Musicians
Noon and 1:30 pm

Music students of Jill Thomas (independent Suzuki piano instructor) and the Walker West Music Academy will play at noon and 1:30 pm, respectively. Celebrate their talent and enjoy live music with us in these casual, drop-in performances.

Free First Saturday is sponsored by

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Medtronic Foundation

This project is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services

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