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Members of KOKOKO! posing with their instruments.
KOKOKO! Photo courtesy the artists.

“KOKOKO! is an explosive new musical collective that thrives on ingenuity and induces a frenetic trance.” —TIME

Using instruments constructed from typewriters, glass bottles, engine parts, and various containers, this Congolese music collective makes irresistibly danceable music that they call “tekno kintueni.” Inspired by electronica, hip-hop, and African musical styles, KOKOKO!’s organic, exuberant sound, created in collaboration with French producer Débruit, merges political messaging with hypnotic dance rhythms. At the forefront of artistic originality, the band recycles yesterday’s junk into tomorrow’s propulsive sounds, straight from the heart of Kinshasa.

Newly added! Douala Soul Collective DJs open the evening followed by a short set by Curandero just prior to KOKOKO! taking the stage.

Copresented by the Cedar.

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