Nature Theater of Oklahoma / EnKnapGroup: Pursuit of Happiness
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Nature Theater of Oklahoma and EN-KNAP Group: Pursuit of Happiness

People in Western style clothing reenacting a bar fight.
Nature Theater of Oklahoma / EnKnapGroup: Pursuit of Happiness. Photo: Andrej Lamut.

“It would be a shame to reveal how this bizarre, painful, hilarious, almost two-hour horror comedy ends. Along the way, Pursuit of Happiness generates an orgy of images, memories and emotions in the heart and mind of the viewer.” —De Theaterkrant

The notoriously inventive New York–based performance enterprise Nature Theater of Oklahoma, led by co-creators Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper, returns with the Slovenian dance company EN-KNAP Group to interrogate the meaning behind the Declaration of Independence’s “pursuit of happiness” as an “unalienable right.” Think spaghetti western with an Austrian sales rep, a trip to Baghdad, and some unsettlingly happy cowboy dances added into the mix. Physical comedy and artistic parody, hypermasculinity and military might, declamatory speeches and whiskey-soaked sexuality: this theatrical adventure comments on Western tropes with poignancy, critique, insight, and hilarity. “One of the wildest things you’ll see at the theater this year” (New York Times).

With English surtitles. Contains sounds of gun shots and depictions of physical and sexual violence.
Program length: 100 minutes.

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