The Inheritance
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The Inheritance

New York–based filmmaker Ephraim Asili describes his feature as a “speculative reenactment” of his formative experiences in a West Philadelphia Black radical collective. Stylistically Informed by Jean-Luc Godard’s La Chinoise (1967), the film follows Julian after he inherits his grandmother’s house. In the midst of sorting through her vast collection of books, records, manifestos, and memorabilia from the Black Arts Movement, Julian starts a Black liberationist Marxist collective with his girlfriend. This fictionalized narrative is interwoven with documentary account of Philadelphia’s Black liberation group MOVE, victim to notorious police attacks in 1985. Asili’s immersive, postmodern approach mixes in archival footage with appearances by poet-activists Sonia Sanchez and Ursula Rucker as well as MOVE members Debbie Africa, Mike Africa Sr., and Mike Africa Jr. Together, they describe the legacy of struggle for Black lives handed down through generations. 2020, Super 16mm transferred to digital, 100 minutes.

How to View

$10 ($8 Walker members) per household for a three-day rental
Tickets go on sale for this virtual screening beginning at 11 am (CST) on Tuesday, January 5.

After your purchase is complete, you’ll be able to stream the film immediately or view it in the three days following your purchase. Ticket sales will end on Tuesday, January 12 at 11 am (CST).


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About the Director

Ephraim Asili is a New York–based filmmaker, DJ, and radio presenter. He studied film and video arts, earning his BA from Temple University and MA from Bard College, where he is now full-time artist-in-residence and assistant professor of film and electronic arts.