McKnight Media Artist Fellowships 2022
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McKnight Media Artist Fellowships 2022

2020–2021 McKnight Media winners, from left, Cy Dodson, David J. Buchanan, Missy Whiteman, and Karen Frank. Photos: Eric Mueller, courtesy FilmNorth.

The Coyote Way: X is a new form of visual Indigenous storytelling infused with Expanded Cinema experience (XR experience) utilizing 360 VR, video synthesizer, projection, performance, and live score. Rooted in deep Ancestral knowledge and traditional stories, The Coyote Way gives a new life that rises up through the cracks of the broken sidewalks, built on ancestral ground, deepened in cellular memory and star knowledge. This is a continuation of Sundance Native Lab supported project The Coyote Way: Going Back Home, a short sci‐fi/docu-narrative film about a young boy named Charlie, who must make a life-changing decision to join a Native street gang or begin an epic pilgrimage that will reveal the truth of his existence.

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