Free First Saturday: Kids’ Film Fair 2023
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Free First Saturday: Kids’ Film Fair 2023

The Walker’s Kids’ Film Fair is back and better than ever! This annual collection of international and surprising short films for all ages will be presented both in person on Saturday, March 4, and online all weekend long. Visitors to the Walker may enjoy relaxed screenings in the Walker Cinema and the Bentson Mediathque, plus animation-inspired art activities and free gallery admission.

Free gallery admission 10 am–5 pm; family activities 10 am–3 pm.

Gallery admission tickets are available on-site on the event day from the Main Lobby desk; quantities are limited.

Walker Cinema and online
All ages, 40 min.

Wâhkôhtowin (All My Relations) by Barry Bilinsky
A creation story passed down through generations highlights the connections between all relatives, both human and nonhuman, and the importance of sharing stories. 2021, Amiskwaciwâskahikan/Canada, in Cree and English with English subtitles, 6 min. 

Épreuves du matin (Trials of the Morning) by Maša Avramović
A child coaxes the sleepy sun to wake up, and together they light the day. 2021, France, in French with English subtitles, 3 min.  

Luce and the Rock by Britt Raes
Out of nowhere, a giant rock tumbles into the middle of Luce’s quiet village, making a big change to daily life. Together, these two friends set out on a journey to help the shy rock get back home. 2022, Belgium/France/Netherlands, nonverbal, 13 min.  

META by Antje Heyn
Animals, creatures, and objects shapeshift in surprising and weird ways in this playful ode to constant change. 2021, Germany, nonverbal, 4 min. Sensory note: A moving black-and-white spiral appears onscreen for five seconds, one and a half minutes into the film. A loud barking dog appears onscreen for five seconds, two minutes into the film.

Con un ovillo de lana (With a Wool Ball) by Belén Ricardes
Song and dance brings warmth to a young woman and her animal friends during a chilly Argentinian winter. 2022, Argentina, in Spanish with English subtitles, 5 min.  

Polar Bear Bears Boredom by Yamamura Koji
Discover an underwater community through the eyes of one very bored polar bear. This film was inspired by Japanese scroll painting and poetic wordplay. 2021, Japan, in Japanese and English with English subtitles, 7 min. Sensory note: Slight flickering throughout the first two and a half minutes of the film.

Émerveillement (Wonder) by Martin Cleget
A bear and rabbit form an unlikely friendship when they discover the startling beauty of a cold winter night. 2022, France, in French with English subtitles, 3 min.

Bentson Mediatheque
For ages 8+, 35 min.

Cupids by Zoey Martinson
Three young friends play matchmaker for their favorite bus driver. Will they help unlock a lasting love? 2021, US, in English, 10 min. Content note: Mild crude humor. Sensory Note: Sudden loud school bell and children yelling 40 seconds into the film, lasting about 10 seconds and a short, loud whistle four minutes into the film.

Unkraut (The Sky Is a Square) by Agnes Maagaard
Upset with climate change and the attitudes of family and friends, young Chelar decides to take a stand in a unique way. 2022, Germany, in German with English subtitles, 12 min. Content note: Some of the content in this live-action film may be difficult for sensitive and/or young children. Children in the film navigate a disagreement between friends and experience anxiety and anger related to climate change. A child mimes smoking a cigarette nine minutes into the film.

Tails on Ice by Miranda Currie
Follow the adventures of a young Inuit sled dog as she finds her way on her first training expedition through Tind’e, Denendeh, the homeland of the Dene people. 2021, Akaitcho Territory/Canada, in English, 10 min. 

In-person screenings of the animated shorts program are available on March 4 in the Walker Cinema. The program will screen in a loop from 10:30–11:45 am, and again from 1:15–2:45 pm.

The live-action shorts program in the Bentson Mediatheque will loop throughout the day, 10 am–3 pm; capacity is limited to 10 people at a time.

These are relaxed screenings. Adults are welcome to read subtitles to children and leave early, if preferred.

Prefer to view at home? Get cozy and watch the Free First Saturday Kids’ Film Fair animated shorts program right here, for free!

Available March 3 at 4:30 pm to March 6 at 9 am.

All films will have English-language captions. The program is approximately 40 min.

After watching the films, use this discussion guide for families to continue your exploration!

Art-making Activity: Stop-Motion Animation for All Ages, 10 am–3 pm
Ever wonder what it takes to create an animated movie? Try our stop-motion animation activities, designed and hosted by animator Katie Nelson. Work together to make a two to three second stop-motion animated movie using found objects at two fun stations.

Art-making Activity: Film Frenzy, 10 am–3 pm
Join filmmaker Sam Hoolihan in the Art Lab to contribute three seconds of animation to a collaborative, colorful 16mm film! Participants will bring colors and shapes to life by drawing directly onto strips of film. These segments will then be spliced, or joined, to create a short movie. Screenings of the film in process will take place every hour, on the hour, in the Art Lab throughout the program, starting at 11 am.

Sensory note: Hourly film screenings include flickering visual effects that may affect photosensitive viewers.

Family Gallery Tour, 11:30 am
Gallery Tour for General Audiences, 1 pm
Join a Walker educator for a family-friendly guided tour of artworks on view in the galleries at 11:30 am (40 mins.), or take a guided tour for general audiences at 1 pm (60 mins.). Tours meet at the Main Lobby desk, five minutes before the tour start time. Tours explore a selection of artworks across current exhibitions and include interactive discussion led by Walker educators.

Visit the Walker Art Center Library, 10 am–3 pm
The Walker’s library is open! Cozy up with an artful book or work with your family and friends to complete a fun word game for a prize. The library entrance is through the Art Lab.

Sam Hoolihan is a Minneapolis-based visual artist and educator whose work blends photography, moving image, and performance. He is a past recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant; the Jerome Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant; and the MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Mentorship. His films have screened in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In 2017, he premiered a Walker Moving Image commission for the Expanding the Frame Series, in collaboration with local film and sound artists. Hoolihan is cofounder of MirrorLab, a studio, film lab, and project space for explorations in integrated art forms in South Minneapolis.

Katie Nelson is a freelance animator and director who specializes in animated and live-action commercials, music videos, shorts, and feature films. She is also a professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she teaches a variety of techniques—from basic principles of animation to the production pipeline of creating independent animated films. She has been offering workshops for people of all ages for more than 10 years and loves the engagement from the community. Whether taking the form of abstract or narrative, stop-motion or mixed media, Nelson’s work remains focused on daring visuals and inspirational stories.

All films will be captioned in English. Film screenings in the Walker Cinema and Bentson Mediatheque include open captions and English subtitles for films with dialogue. Assistive listening devices are available in the Walker Cinema.

If viewing from home, click the CC icon in the bottom-right corner of the video to access captions and subtitles for the films with dialogue.

The Animated Shorts Program in the Walker Cinema is appropriate for all ages. The Live-Action Shorts Program in the Bentson Mediatheque is recommended for ages 8+. When applicable, sensory and content notes are included in the “About the Films” section.

For visitors who need to plan accessible transportation to the Walker, please email or call 612-375-7564 to inquire about reserving timed admission.

To request accommodations for this program or for more information about accessibility, call 612-375-7564 or email

For more information about accessibility at the Walker, visit our Access page.

Free First Saturday is sponsored by

  • Ameriprise Financial

Family Programs are supported by the Manitou Fund, thanks to Rosemary and Kevin McNeely.