Sensory Friendly Sunday January 2023
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Sensory Friendly Sunday January 2023

One person who is standing and another person who is in a wheelchair looking at art in a gallery, seen from behind
Visitors looking at art at Sensory Friendly Sunday, August 2021. Photo: Carina Lofgren for Walker Art Center.

Sensory Friendly Sunday is a monthly event designed for kids, teens, and adults with sensory processing differences, autism spectrum disorder, or developmental disabilities. The galleries will be closed to the general public, allowing visitors to enjoy the museum in a calm environment with accommodations such as quiet spaces, fidgets, and sunglasses available. Experience current Walker exhibitions Jannis Kounellis in Six Acts, Pao Houa Her: Paj qaum ntuj / Flowers of the Sky, and Paul Chan: Breathers; make art; or watch a short film. All friends and family members are welcome.

Masks are required at Sensory Friendly Sunday for visitors over age 2.

To prepare for your visit, check out this Social Narrative. For more information about accessibility, call 612-375-7564 or email

This program was created in consultation with the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) and the University of Minnesota’s Occupational Therapy Program.

While walk-ins are welcome, we encourage you to reserve your space ahead of time. Sensory Friendly Sunday is typically less busy from 8 to 9:30 am and busier from 9:30 to 11 am.

The film will be captioned. For more information about accessibility or to request additional accommodations, call 612-375-7564 or email

For more information about accessibility at the Walker, visit our Access page.

Masks are required for Sensory Friendly Sunday visitors over the age of 2 to support the safety and comfort of attendees. If you have questions or require additional assistance, please email or call 612-375-7600.