Interdisciplinary Project: Laure Prouvost, Fall/Winter 2017–2018
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Laure Prouvost

The multilayered, two-part project Laure Prouvost: They Are Waiting for You was composed of a new installation presented in the gallery (October 12, 2017–February 11, 2018) and a theatrical performance work, co-commissioned and coproduced by the Walker and EMPAC, Troy, New York (February 9–10, 2018). For the gallery installation, conceptual artist Laure Prouvost (France, b. 1978) combined a new moving image work with painting, sculpture, and found objects, which were arranged in a “waiting room” outside a central video space. The resulting environment, interspersed with spoken and written instructions, drew visitors into a space of shifting terrain that conflated reality with fiction and art with everyday life.

The theatrical performance, also titled They Are Waiting for You (2018), drew on similar thematic elements. Conceived as Prouvost’s first major production for the stage, the show unfolded with complex and humorous stories in which fact and fiction were interwoven, challenging conventions on how we shape our life histories. The result was an experimental mash-up of video work, dance, immersive stage décor, and choral music. For this project Prouvost was joined by artist Sam Belinfante, dance artist and choreographer Pierre Droulers, percussionist Eli Keszler, and additional musicians and performers from Minnesota and New York. Following the exhibition and performance, the Walker acquired DIT LEARN (2017)—the video work that anchored both gallery and stage projects—for the collection.


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