Shiftboard Manual
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All scheduling for Walker volunteers is done through SHIFTBOARD. Learn more about how to take a shift, update your profile, and access news and opportunities.

News and Announcements

New volunteer opportunities will be e-mailed to team members, but you will not receive the announcements for new volunteer positions if you have not yet expressed your interest in the program by asking to join another team. Be sure to log in to view the news page or ask to be put on another team so that you may receive this information via e-mail.


  • My Account will allow you to update your contact info with personal information such as address, phone, and emergency contact.
  • Profile allows you to provide supplemental information about yourself, such as birthday and T-shirt size.
  • The Teams setting will show you the volunteer programs for which you are currently active, and if you are interested in joining another team so you may hear about other volunteer positions, you can do that here.
  • You can set your schedule using the Availability tab (see Availability below). Please note that this is only required for Information Guides.
  • Use the Notifications feature to set the frequency of e-mail announcements from the volunteer program.


View your Personal Schedule, shifts that are Available/Open, and shifts that are Assigned.

Take a Shift

Go to the Calendar function on your dashboard. All Available/Open shifts are listed in red. Click on a shift to view details regarding time and location. Once you find the shift you are interested in, simply click on Take This Shift. Follow the prompts to Confirm This Time.


When you cannot make your shift or if you decide you no longer want the shift, you should unconfirm your shift. This can be done by clicking on your shift in the calendar and clicking the “unconfirm” button and then follow the prompts to unconfirm the shift.


If you are asked to use Shiftboard for scheduling purposes, you will use the Availability tab. Set your General Availability first (i.e., I am usually available Thursday and Friday). Then set your busy days within that general availability (i.e,. Friday 5/15). Since this busy day lands on a day when you are usually free, you must specify that you are not available. Lastly, if there are days outside of your general availability when you happen to be free (i.e., Saturday 5/16), you can specify this by entering this singular date. Be sure to click Add to save your entries.

How to update your t-shirt size

Step 1: Login into Shiftboard.

Step 2: Click on your name in upper right corner of the page, in drop down menu, click My Account.

Step 3: Then click on Profile and T-shirt/Gear size drop down menu to select your size.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your selection.