2013: The Year According to Shannon Michael Cane
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2013: The Year According to Shannon Michael Cane


To commemorate the year that was, we invited artists, designers, and thinkers across disciplines — from painter Matt Connors and spoken word artist Dessa to design firm Experimental Jetset and musician Greg Tate — to share their most noteworthy ideas, events, and objects of 2013. 

As the director of the Printed Matter NY and LA Art Book Fairs and curator of editions, Shannon Michael Cane exists at the epicenter of the book making world, acting as a liaison between independent book publishers, artists, institutions, and the public. Printed Matter is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. Cane has also worked as an editor and publisher, founding the queer art zine They Shoot Homos Don’t They? in 2005, and writing for magazines such as BUTT, Little Joe, and Straight to Hell. Here are Shannon Michael Cane’s top 10 artist books of 2013:




Malicious Damage by Ilsa Colsell

An amazing collection of collages by Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell involving hundreds of Islington Library’s book stock. Once caught, the pair were sentenced to jail for ‘larceny, malicious damage and wilful damage’. Published by Donlon Books, London.




Sender by Peter Sutherland

Throughout this body of work, Sutherland reimagines visual culture as a psychedelic network of photographic overlays known as “dypsets.” Published by Printed Matter Inc., NYC.



I Just Know That Something Good Is Going To Happen, Just Saying It Could Even Make It Happen by Marc Hundley

A collection of eight loose-leaf color posters referencing Marc’s text-based work, the prints are bold and beautiful and focuses on positive song lyrics. Self Published, NYC.




Male Dancers Wanted by Gilles Bonnecarrère

A beautiful collection of previously unpublished b/w photographs taken in a strip club in New York in 1976, a time when the city had a grittier side to it. Published by Editions Lutanie and Préféré, Paris.




Frozen Chicken Train Wreck by Laurence Hamburger

A collection of 100% genuine newspaper billboard adverts from Johannesburg, collected over the last decade and printed on a risograph – outrageous and humorous. Published by Ditto Press, Chopped Liver Press, London.




Woman/Object by Linder

A fanzine-style publication looking at the celebrated career of a protagonist of British punk; Linder Sterling. Published by Walther König, Köln.




Blanks by Michael Max McLeod

A zine from the creator of Casual Encounters–a collection of photographs of empty road ride signs, some printed as a negative transparency on black paper. Self published, Arizona.




Fundbüro by Marjolijn de Wit, Henriette Grahnert

A beautifully printed collection of photocopies and multi-coloured original screen prints on paper and transparent foil. Published by Lubok – Verlag, Germany.




Book of Images by Brice Marden

A facsimile printing of a Brice Marden journal from 1970, with a random collection reference photos creating an insightful image bank. Published by Karma, NY.




Studio / Space / Print / Time by Sam Falls

A collaboration between designer Duncan Hamilton and Sam Falls in which hand made rubbings of surfaces of the artists studio were re imaged via an offset printer. Published by Printed Matter Inc., NYC.

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