I Approve This Workshop
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I Approve This Workshop

Jennifer Burks and Sid Pranke conducting an interview

On June 14, Allison Herrera and I went to the St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), a public access channel, to help publicize the kick off of the project I Approve This Message, sponsored by The Walker and The UnConvention. Chuck Olsen from TheUpTake.org was on hand to talk about the power of citizen journalism and gearing up for the RNC. Then we took to the streets to capture what ordinary citizens leaving the farmer’s market would want to say to a delegate. Despite some technical difficulties, everyone had fun, and I think we captured some great stuff.

You too can make your own political video! Upcoming Make your own Video workshops dates are:

July 10, 6pm: Walker Art Center, Star Tribune Foundation Art Lab

August 7, 6pm: Walker Art Center, Star Tribune Foundation Art Lab

August 16, 10am: Minneapolis Television Network (www.mtn.org)


In the meantime, go to http://theunconvention.com/iapprove to watch animals and puppets introduce I Approve This Message or and check out the submission guidelines.

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