Book/share: 38th Street Publishers
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Book/share: 38th Street Publishers

Welcome to the first installment of a new monthly blog feature: Book/share. In this series, Walker Shop book buyer and book enthusiast Paul Schumacher picks a group of books he has recently discovered and writes notes to me, a fellow book enthusiast, about why he has chosen them. As this feature continues, we expect our dialogue and the way we communicate about the books to evolve, as well as provide you a closer look into the Walker Shop’s selection. Stay tuned.—KF & PS

38th Street Publishers

Located on West 38th Street in New York City, artist Josh Smith and his friend Todd Amicon created a small press in 2008 with a simple goal of publishing affordable artist books.

Holy Crap, Rob Pruitt

This is going to be image heavy.

The Voidoid, Richard Hell

Was ist Los, Seth Price

Faces 6 & 7, Josh Smith

Filters in Stock, Terry Winters

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