Card Catalogue
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Card Catalogue

Card Catalogue is an evolving publication produced in association with the exhibition Event Horizon and a series of temporary shows that draw heavily from the Walker Art Center’s multidisciplinary holdings. Animated with installations that change over time, Event Horizon explores ways that personal, cultural, and political events shape the making of art and influence our subsequent experience and understanding of its many forms.

Card Catalogue is its own kind of event. Throughout the galleries during the next three years, visitors will find new cards with information on artists, exhibition themes, specific works, and a wealth of facts and artifacts from the Walker’s archives. Many authors and voices are slated to contribute to this project, and additional cards will be created as artworks, films, and performances are rotated in the gallery spaces. With a gradual accumulation of data, theories, ideas, and stories, Card Catalogue provides an expanded and amplified history of the Walker and of contemporary art in general. Visitors are encouraged to use these binders to assemble their own set of cards over the next three years.

Here are a selection of cards, some of which are currently in the galleries right now:

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