Centerpoints 7.9
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Centerpoints 7.9


“We are shifting the axis of the world…” On the 67th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth, Yoko Ono commemorates a Peace Tower in Reykjavic with a poem.

Avant-Rustic: Aside from its Santiago Cucullu wall mural, Blu Dot cofounder John Christakos’ cabin in Minong, Wis., is just like any other cabin. Right?

“Creative people must be stopped!” Michael Fallon ponders that bumpersticker-inspired thesis: “[W]e’ve become so inundated with creativity–in weblogs dedicated to every petty interest and whim, in vanity websites created by people of not much interest, in random belly-gazing podcasts of the braindead, in home-edited YouTube snoozefests, in well-meaning ‘preprofessional’ writing associations, in endless craft groups and quilting associations and art meet-ups, and so on and so on–that actual audiences for honest-to-goodness good art and real creativity and cultural production are driven into hiding.”

The interviews: R.U. Sirius interviews Steve Kurtz of Critical Art Ensemble (via); Jen Bekman interviews photographer Alec Soth about his issue of Fashion Magazine; Wired interviews Ridley Scott (above, center left) on the Blade Runner Director’s Cut, and last but not least, interviews Olga Viso.

Bored guy ponders creative impetus behind Spoonbridge and Cherry: Here’s the video.

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