Choreographers' Evening 2009: post-re-view
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Choreographers' Evening 2009: post-re-view


On behalf of Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad of BodyCartography Project, welcome to the Choreographers’ Evening 2009 blog!

We love the lively conversation this blog has hosted for past Choreographers’ Evenings.

It gives audiences room to voice their experiences and ask questions of the artists. This is a rare gift for choreographers to hear all kinds of feedback in a forum where they have an opportunity to respond. We think of it as a way for us all to share a stage together and a way of seeing inside of a dance.

So lets begin our conversation between audience, choreographers, dancers, dance docents and curators of the 37th annual Choreographers’ Evening.

Everyone’s experiences, opinions and questions are welcome! We hope that you will all contribute as writers or readers.

Charles Campbell has generously offered to moderate the blog.

Some ways to begin:

What do you remember?

What work did you empathize with?

Consider your physical sensations/feelings as a feedback tool and a way to begin crafting your response.

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