Watch: Insights 2018: Paul Soulellis, Counterpractice
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Watch: Insights 2018: Paul Soulellis on Urgent Archives, Queer Publishing, and Strategic Leaking

Paul Soullelis Insights Lecture

—Paul Soulellis, from “Urgent Archives,” his Insights Design Lecture Series presentation (March 27, 2018), time stamp 57:30 in above video

As we live our lives increasingly through virtual interfaces, our relationship to analogue technologies becomes more fetishized and our understanding of community becomes progressively networked. How do we communicate? How do we publish? What is signal and what is noise? These are some of the questions that designer, author, and teacher Paul Soulellis tackles in his work, which investigates the intersection of experimental publishing, network culture, and artistic practice.

Above you can check out Soulellis’s lecture as part of the 2018 Insights Design Lecture Series, where he discussed his practice and his shift towards a more engaged and political utilization of publishing technologies.

Soulellis also used this lecture as an opportunity to launch his newest project, This project documents the erasure of 20 years of scientific environmental research on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website on April 28, 2017 by the Trump administration. To learn more about the project, jump to minute 47:37 in the lecture above.

Name Size
EPA Clean Power Plan Sites.xlsx 25.7 KB
EPA Climate Sites (overview, science, … 4.28.17.xlsx 84.87 KB
EPA Climate and Energy Resources fo…nt Sites.xlsx 53.3 KB
EPA Files – Climate and Energy Resou…nments.xlsx 103.04 KB




Text animation by Jasio Stefanski

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