Machine in the Field: Breaking In and Out of Cars with Kids
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Machine in the Field: Breaking In and Out of Cars with Kids

There are those of you out there who think teaching kids how to break into cars and escape from locked trunks is a bit devious. Let me try to convince you otherwise and why attending this car break-in workshop with Jason Torchinsky, hosted by Machine Project, rocks and is a great idea…

1) Knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility. It’s like sending kids to karate class. Knowing how to beat up the other kids often makes them less likely to do it.

2) You will no longer need AAA services as long as your kids have a wire coat hanger, putty, and pliers on hand at all times.  Imagine one morning running back to the car to grab their dirty uniform they left in the car that needs to be washed before tonight’s game.  Your arms are so full you don’t notice you’ve locked the keys in the car. Instead of waiting for a tow trunk, your nifty nine-year old can run back in the house and grab their emergency kit, pop the lock and you’re back in the car faster than you can say ???

3) The American school system is failing.  In addition to cutting arts programming, more and more schools are losing their auto tech programs.  If you took a shop class you may recall learning a few tricks yourself while the teacher showed the new kids the different parts of an alternator.

4)  Your kids will become more successful adults. After seeing the inner workings of locks and hinges your child will suddenly begin taking apart appliances at home trying to unravel the many puzzles locked inside. They will join online forums and discuss with other kids from around the world how to build cars that are powered by spinach and serve mac and cheese while they wait at stop lights.  They will then get a full ride scholarship to an ivy league college before they become a fellow at NASA…okay maybe not but you never know.

5) The TRUE reason: Kids spend so much time in a car why not give them an opportunity to explore the mysterious beauty and wonders that are hidden inside.  Check out this video with lots of smiling faces. It’s a great time and there are a few spots left for the workshops.  Learn how to sign up here.

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