Machine on the Field: Cowboys and Angels Trailer
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Machine on the Field: Cowboys and Angels Trailer

Singer/song-writer Emily Lacy kicks off Machine Project’s residency with a musical tour of wistful country songs and vocal electronica. Every day, from July 19th-29th, beginning at 2 pm, Emily’s folksy, heartbreaking croons will echo throughout the public spaces and peripheries of the Walker Art Center. If you detect an otherworldliness to her sound that’s got you thinking she’s a busking Laura Ingalls Wilder from the future (funny coincidence that her tour ends the same day that Cowboys and Aliens opens!) it’s because she re-mixes her own voice through electronic gadgetry that comes packed in her portable trunk-turned-stage. Aside from her beautiful voice and musical experimentation, Emily also has a flair for eccentric raiment. Last January on her Walker visit, you may have caught her dressed as a bear while her voice radiated from the cavernous spaces of the bigloo in Open Field. As for her stylings this summer, I’ve had a fun time trying to coin it, goth prairie girl was the first thing that came to mind when looking at these photos. Here’s the detailed list of tour locations so you can plan accordingly, followed by a trailer to whet your appetite.

7/19 – about 30 feet from the Bazinet Lobby entrance, in Open Field
7/20 – the interior glass vestibule right outside the Bazinet Lobby entrance
7/21 – Bazinet Garden Lobby
7/22 – Orientation Lounge, behind the Bazinet Lobby desk
7/23 – freight elevator, opened to Cargill Lounge
7/24 – Cargill Lounge
7/25 – Walker closed Mondays, no tour
7/26 – long walkway/hall between Cargill and Hennepin lounges
7/27 – Hennepin lounge
7/28 – inside or near ‘Sky Pesher’ sculpture on Open Field
7/29 – Hennepin Lounge, closer to Hennepin Avenue entrance

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