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minneapolis craigslist > business > skyway for sale


Local architects CITYDESKSTUDIO placed an interesting ad up on Craigslist yesterday: they’re selling a (used) 1978 skyway. (Wait hold up…has anyone tried to sell a bridge on Craigslist yet?). The skyway, which used to connect the JC Penny’s with the Power department stores over S. 5th street, was retired to make way for Minneapolis’ light rail project. Through the years millions of people have passed through it and the rest of our network in the sky, which covers an area of 69 city blocks. If you’re interested, check out Catherine Opie’s photographs and documentation of our relationships with these transient spaces in her Skyways & Ice Houses project from 2002. And I assume this was unrealized, but CITYDESKSTUDIO visualized one potential use for this iconic structure–which has seen such frenzied activity–as an almost rustic (rusty?) lake retreat.

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