Momentum: New Dance Works 2013
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Momentum: New Dance Works 2013

SuperGroup, it's [all] highly personal, 2013

Talk Dance host Justin Jones speaks with choreographers SuperGroup, Leslie O’Neill, Jennifer Arave, and Pramila Vasudevan about their upcoming Walker-commissioned premieres.

01:30 Introductions

02:30 SuperGroup: How do you generate movement?

04:50 Jennifer Arave: Collaboration …?

09:35 SuperGroup: How are you thinking about/utilizing the space?

12:05 Pramila Vasudevan: On the aesthetic of physicality and the process of obtaining the desired outcome.

17:30 Leslie O’Neill: Do you feel that your participation as a Momentum artist will change your presence in the community as a dancemaker?

18:50 SuperGroup: How do you address the audience/performer relationship?

21:35 Pramila Vasudevan: How is this piece different from previous works, and have you discovered something new about yourself as a choreographer in its development?

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