Monster Drawing Rally Returns!
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Monster Drawing Rally Returns!

It is Monster Drawing Rally time again… one of  the most anticipated, accessible and loved art fundraisers in recent memory. The event takes place on Saturday, January 22nd at Midway Contemporary Art  from 5-9pm. This year’s lineup  includes 50 Twin Cities-based artists, spanning a variety of styles, approaches and reputations.  If you missed the prior Drawing Rally events, here is what to expect.

  • The event is free to attend and not to be missed for the spectacle and entertainment value alone.
  • The gallery will be cleared to make space for rows of drawing tables and the creations from the participating artists.
  • Artists draw for an hour each in four waves, producing as many (or few) drawings are they can during that period.
  • As drawings are completed, gallery staff takes the works, places them in a plastic bags and hangs them in open spaces of gallery wall.
  • Once the drawing hits the wall it may be purchased for a flat fee of $35.
  • Drawings may not be purchased, claimed of snatched prior to hitting the wall.  Conflicts or ties for purchasing a work will be resolved by drawing cards. Fighting, hoarding, hovering or any other bad collector behavior will be sternly frowned upon.

As a past participating artist, I can also add a couple things from the artist’s perspective.

  • It is a lot of fun with a bit of chaos thrown in.
  • Its great to meet people who appreciate your work and enjoy watching you create…. and also rewarding to finish a piece and see someone lock on, follow it, and snag it  the minute it hits the wall.
  • It is nerve racking to make work with an audience.
  • Its one of the most energetic, generous and concentrated gatherings of local artists all year!

That is it.  The joy of the event is the ability to meet talented local artists, have a unique glimpse into their creative process and most of all have a great time while supporting a deeply valued art resource (all proceeds will go directly toward Midway’s programming and education events in 2011) So come out and add a work to your personal collection or just cheer on your favorite local artist.

Here is the official lineup for the 3rd Annual Monster Drawing Rally.

A.Caillier & M.MottJohn AlspachEmily AtchisonSarah BakerMatt BakkomRich BarlowUte BertogLevi BuddLander BurtonJennifer DanosAndy DucettMonica Edwards LarsonWelles EmersonKatelyn FarstadJohn Fleischer, David Frolich, Isa GagarinLuke GrotheBrett GustafsonNoah HarmonJay HeikesNick Howard, Val Jenkins, Rick JohannissonCaroline KentTynan Kerr & Andie MazorolSteven LangChris LarsonDavid LefkowitzMelissa LoopSuzanne MahoneyRob McBroomMiles MendenhallLiz MillerRuben NuszNatasha Pestich, David Petersen, Melba PriceCrystal Quinn, Chad RutterMegan RyeJenny SchmidJosi SeversonSean SmudaAaron Spangler, Scott StulenTony SunderBruce TapolaJohn Vogt, Nate Young

Here is the schedule of artists to plan your evening or attack.
5:00 PM
Emily Atchison, Matt Bakkom, Rich Barlow, Welles Emerson, Nick Howard, Val Jenkins, Rick Johannisson, Chris Larson, David Lefkowitz, Liz Miller, Josi Severson, Jenny Schmid, Sean Smuda

6:00 PM
John Alspach, Ute Bertog, A.Caillier & M.Mott, Jennifer Danos, John Fleischer, David Frohlich, Brett Gustafson, Melissa Loop, Natasha Pestich, Melba Price, Megan Rye, Nate Young

7:00 PM
Katelyn Farstad, Noah Harmon, Caroline Kent, Steven Lang, Monica Edwards Larson, Suzanne Mahoney, Ruben Nusz, David Petersen, Bruce Tapola, Tony Sunder, John Vogt, Aaron Spangler

8:00 PM
Sarah Ann Baker, Levi Budd, Lander Burton, Andy Ducett, Isa Gagarin, Luke Grothe, Jay Heikes, Tynan Kerr, Rob McBroom, Miles Mendenhall, Scott Stulen, Chad Rutter, Crystal Quinn


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