Loop: Issue No.1
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This is just a feeling. This is just an action. This is just.

“If the music was changing, why wasn’t the format of the jazz magazine shifting around?” Straight from the mind of polymath musician/artist Jason Moran comes a new kind of music publication. Looking at jazz culture from an African American perspective, LOOP features the voices of Moran, his friends, family, and collaborators, including Matana Roberts, Kendrick Scott, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Greg Tate, and Cassandra Wilson, among others. In cooperation with the artist and Luhring Augustine, the Walker Art Center is honored to host LOOP—its inaugural issue, originally published in 2016, and all future ones—in digital form right here on Walker Reader.

LOOP Magazine, Issue 1 (Print Edition)
© 2016 Jason Moran and Luhring Augustine
Published by Jason Moran and Luhring Augustine
531 W24th St. New York NY 10011
+ 1–212–206–9100 info@luhringaugustine.com
All rights reserved. Printed in New York City.
ISBN 978-0-9771150-8-2
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Editor-in-Chief: Jason Moran
Co-editor: Alicia Hall Moran
Associate Editor: Dave O’Neill
Proofreader: Kelli Rae Patton
Design: Omnivore
Photo credits
All photos by Jason Moran, except:
pp. 12-13: Cassandra Wilson; pp. 16, 18-19, 21: Sound Evidence; p. 23:
Ayanna Bassiouni; p. 25: Google Street View; pp. 28-31: William P. Gottlieb;
p. 33: Jean-Pierre Leloir; pp. 34-37: Kendrick Scott; p. 46: Matana Roberts

This online presentation of LOOP magazine has been modified from the print version, published in 2016.