Memories from the Year 2030
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Memories From the Year 2030 is a collection of fictional letters, memos and visual artifacts created by a group of futurists, speculative designers, authors and artists. In mid March, 2020, the contributors were invited to respond to the following prompt: 

How will we remember these times a decade from now? What actions might we take in the coming months that will shape memories for the next ten years or more? What parts of 2020 will have stayed with us? What parts will have faded? How did 2020 change us? What are we proud of? What do we regret?

When we construct fictional perspectives from a time different than our own, (a past, a future or even an alternate reality) we create a framework for transcending some of our immediate feelings of anxiety; we can change our emotional capacity to process threats while the causes persist. By crafting, sharing and reading these figments from 2030, authors and readers alike transform their perspectives on the multitude of challenges we’ve faced in 2020.

This series was conceived and edited by Elliott Montgomery, in conjunction with the exhibition Designs for Different Futures. Editorial assistance provided by Miriam Young.