Step into the spotlight: free portraits tomorrow at "The Talent Show"
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Step into the spotlight: free portraits tomorrow at "The Talent Show"

David Lamelas, "Limit of a Projection I," 1967

David Lamelas’ simple theatrical spotlight, illuminating a darkened gallery in the new exhibition The Talent Show, has been described as “an implicit and alluring invitation.”

We’re making that invitation more explicit: Commemorate yourself with a free portrait tomorrow night (April 22), as Walker staff photographer Cameron Wittig shoots visitors beneath Lamelas’ spotlight at Target Free Thursday Night, from 6 pm to 7 pm. (Portraits will be posted within a few days at — look for the “Spotlight Portaits” set.)

Lamelas’ work plays up the contrast, so to speak, between our competing desires for notoriety and privacy — which are further complicated in an era of so-called reality TV, social networking, and viral videos.

So whether or not you’re game for a portrait, we extend a second invitation: use the Comments box below to share your thoughts on fame, notoriety vs. privacy, and such — and how these themes play out in The Talent Show. The questions below might spark some comments, or submit your own musings.

–          What’s fame good for?
–          What was your closest brush with fame?
–          Do you want to be famous, and if so, for what?
–          Perhaps you’d rather be notorious than famous – and if so, why?
–          What would you be willing to do for fame?

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