The Office of Paul Sahre, New York
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The Gradient

The Office of Paul Sahre, New York


After a few unsatisfying stints designing for others, Paul Sahre established his own design studio, first in Baltimore and then in New York, where he has been since 1995. Consciously maintaining a small office, he has nevertheless established a large presence in American graphic design. The balance he strikes, whether between commercial and personal projects or in his own design process, is evident in such things as the physical layout of his officepart design studio, part silkscreen lab where he prints projects for himselfor in his desire for equal parts logic and intuition in the work. His silkscreened posters for the Fells Point Corner Theatre in Baltimore provided him a much-needed creative outlet and garnered him early professional visibility with their rough-edged, expressive typography. His more recent work, such as book covers for author Rick Moodys novels Demonology and The Ice Storm or his design of the book American Photography 19, exhibit a crisper, more refined typographic and photographic approach, and point to a more editorial or authorial direction. In fact, in 2003, he coauthored with Danny Gregory Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio, a book based on a collection of QSL cards, which amateur radio enthusiasts exchange after communication with other operators around the world.

Part of Insights 2005: Design and . . . Insights design lecture series

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