Resources for Learning
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The resources on this page can help K–12 teachers and their students—as well as parents or guardians supporting their child’s learning from home—stay connected to contemporary art and ideas.

Find out more about in-person tours here, or you and your students can explore contemporary art from a distance by participating in one of our virtual field trip experiences. Contact for more information.

In-Classroom Lesson Plans

These lessons are designed for teachers to facilitate in their classrooms before visiting the Walker and will help support student learning during the field trip. Each lesson ranges in length from 45 to 90 minutes. Lessons are accompanied by PowerPoint slides featuring artwork from the Walker’s collection and are designed to meet Minnesota state standards in a range of subjects.

These lessons are also great for teachers who are unable to bring their students for a field trip to the Walker but want to share contemporary art with them.

Lesson Plans for Grades K–2

Lesson Plans for Grades 3–5

Lesson Plans for Grades 6–8

Lesson Plans for Grades 9–12

Self-Guided Tour Plans & Exhibition Guides

Use these guides to structure your group’s self-guided visit to the Walker. For information about planning self-guided group tours, visit the On-Site Tours page.