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Self-Select Cinema

The Bentson Mediatheque is a free self-select cinema experience unique to the Walker. Choose from more than 300 titles from the Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection or view one of the featured playlists accessible via touchscreen controls and projected on the big screen.

Make new discoveries experimental filmmakers from the early films of the Lumière Brothers in 1894 to the present, or get reacquainted with classics. The Bentson Mediatheque offers an engaging cinema experience for classes, film aficionados, or curious visitors to browse and enjoy a large selection of films.

Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection
Ruben/Bentson Collection

The Ruben/ Bentson Moving Image Collection was established in 1973 with an endowment from Edmond R. Ruben and his wife, Evelyn, who believed in collecting films as a way of preserving the art form. Today the collection includes more than 1,000 distinct titles, including documentaries, avant-garde films, and video works by artists.

Schedule a Screening

Email to reserve the Bentson Mediatheque for your group or class.

Major support to preserve, digitize, and present the Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection is generously provided by the Bentson Foundation.