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Global Lens

Algeria, Argentina, Vietnam, Angola, Uruguay, Mali, China, and Bosnia and Herzegovina: these countries have all been in the news over the past decade due to major cultural changes, and each is home to filmmakers urgently making feature films that address social, economic, and political issues. This month through the Global Lens series, the Global Film Initiative’s touring component, the Walker showcases challenging and innovative works from developing nations with limited resources for filmmaking. Several of the directors chose to create dramas and others comedies, but all have included engaging characters telling stories of life in unsettled times. Charged with the mission to support these visionaries and their ventures, the Global Film Initiative provides essential production grants and distribution to 10 projects per year. As a center dedicated to emerging, global, and independent cinema, the Walker welcomes these under-recognized innovators.

Morning Screenings

To make the Global Lens films more accessible to all, day-time screenings open to students and the public have been added. One goal of Global Lens is to connect young people with social studies, foreign language, and media arts curricula and provide deeper student engagement with contemporary films, cultural perspectives, and world events. To this end, the Walker offers four morning screenings as well as free curriculum resources for teachers. Tickets are $4 per student (includes gallery admission). Schools designated more than 60% free or reduced lunch qualify for discounted tickets. For more information or to schedule a teacher preview, call 612.375.7614. For series details, visit