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ZORN x 3

“Take King Crimson, The Bad Plus, and Mr. Bungle, tie them all together and set them on fire, and you’ll wind up with something like John Zorn.” —The Wire

Catch three sides of an icon in this special Zorn-a-thon. One of the most prolific and influential composer/musician/producers in the country, John Zorn begins the evening in conversation with Walker performing arts curator Philip Bither about his career and music. Next, he offers his most recent and ambitious Masada unit, Electric Masada—a free-flow blend of the raw power of Naked City, the improvisational madness of Cobra, and the fused funk of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew era. This downtown New York City supergroup (with Marc Ribot, Jamie Saft, Ikue Mori, Trevor Dunn, Cyro Baptista, Joey Baron, and Kenny Wollesen) may be the most exciting band he has ever created. The evening concludes with John Zorn and Essential Cinema, featuring Electric Masada and experimental American films from the Walker’s Edmond R. Ruben Film and Video Study Collection chosen and scored by Zorn, including Maya Deren’s Ritual in Transfigured Time, Joseph Cornell’s Rose Hobart, and Kenneth Anger’s Eaux de’ Artifice, as well as Harry Smith’s Film #16-OZ: The Tin Woodsman’s Dream and Marie Menken’s GO, GO, GO from Anthology Film Archives.