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Bobby Previte and Andrea Kleine's The Separation

“His ensembles speak in visionary tongues.” —The New Yorker
“She is a master of expression.” —The Village Voice
“All music drama is a kind of betrayal.” —Olivier Messiaen

Previte’s young metal-infused electric band the Coalition of the Willing crashes into the mystical voices of the Rose Ensemble in a reimagination of both Guillaume Dufay’s 15th-century choral epic Missa Sancti Jacobi and Olivier Messiaen’s organ masterwork La Nativité du Seigneur. In this critical examination of religion in contemporary society, Hungarian artist Anna Kiraly splashes her eerie animated films across Kleine’s dark story inspired by the dueling desires of conformity and individuality. Marco Benevento, organ (The Benevento/Russo Duo); Reed Mathis, electric guitar (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey); Bobby Previte (drum legend).