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Lone Twin

“They come from England. Bewildered, hopeful, dogged. I expect they could read the phone book and be funny.” —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Lone Twin makes art that playfully addresses travel, context, and orientation. Committed to creating entertaining and hopeful works that are both challenging and rewarding, their presentations range from context-specific events lasting many days to gallery, studio, and stage shows. The duo has undertaken “performative walking lectures,” daily dispatches from citywide cycle tours turned stage diaries, and 12-hour slow dances dressed as blind cowboys. They marked their ninth anniversary in 2006, and with Nine Years, draw on an extensive archive of video documentation to represent, renegotiate, and recontextualize their creative history and assess the road ahead. Called “indefatigable travelers, sojourners, and conjurers of clouds,” Lone Twin makes its first Minnesota appearance at Out There.

Out There and Then Some

Drink with the artists every Thursday at a postshow gathering.
Talk with the artists every Friday at a postshow discussion.
Learn from the artists every Saturday morning at an Inside Out There workshop.