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Young Jean Lee

“Lee’s snaky, tart-writing and her understanding of theatrical conventions seem to exist only so she can subvert and frustrate expectations.” —Time Out New York

Provocative writer/director Young Jean Lee’s worst nightmare is to make anything as predictable as a confessional, Korean American identity play with a flowery Asian-sounding title, so she decided to do just that. Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven follows a character named “Korean-American” as she navigates—like a contestant in an identity-politics video game—the increasingly disturbing levels of a pseudo-Korean world. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white couple appears and begins having a dysfunctional relationship drama that eventually takes over the play. Full of blunt observations and unexpected turns, Lee’s warped, funny take on her heritage raises difficult questions about race, culture, and identity that leave the audience uneasy, exhilarated, and grappling for answers.Copresented with the National Performance Network (NPN).

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