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Back to Back Theatre

Small Metal Objects turns the notion of theatre and the everyday inside out. It is a pure, open-hearted, complex and breathtaking production . . . a unique meditation on human worth.” —Sydney Morning Herald

In their own words, the directors of Australia’s Back to Back Theatre create “locally devised, globally relevant and significant theatre.” This ambition plays out in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in a show where two men who normally escape notice—seemingly mentally disabled and possibly homeless—play inadvertent but pivotal roles in the lives of two ambitious executives. The drama unfolds before an audience wired with headphones.

Back to Back Theatre, an ensemble of actors with mental disabilities, strives to nudge and subvert audiences into seeing beauty that is otherwise hidden. Here, the company explores ways that respect is withheld from the disabled, the unemployed, and others deemed unproductive by society. Set against the backdrop of the Garden, Small Metal Objects expands the theatrical frame with the unpredictability of public space while bringing stark relief to the notion that everything has its price.

This show contains some mature subject matter.