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Claude Wampler

1906 die brucke 1909 futurism


1910 metaphysical painting ecole de paris 1911 blaue reiter camden town group 1913 vorticism rayonism suprematism constructivism 1914 group of seven 1916 dada 1917 de stijl neo-plasticism 1918 novembergruppe valori plastici de ploeg 1919 unovis bauhaus 1924 surrealism 1925 neue sachlichkeit 1940 organic abstraction 1942 lettrism 1943 magic realism 1945 art brut


1946 action painting 1947 tachisme 1948 homme temoin CoBrA 1949 art informel 1950 existential art op art 1952 beat 1954 kitchen sink gutai 1956 pop 1957 situationism international 1958 zero 1959 funk hard edge


1960 body GRAV nouveau realisme 1961 conceptual assemblage 1962 fluxus aktionism 1963 post painterly expression 1964 kinetic minimalism 1965 site specific environmental 1967 arte povera lowbrow support-surface


1968 photorealism land art 1970 postmodernism feminist 1974 digital graffiti 1976 neo expressionism 1977 mulheimer freiheit appropriation 1978 nuovi nuovi new image painting 1979 transavantgarde figuration libre 1980 demoscene 1981 neo-geo 1986 multiculturalism 1988 britart 1989 slacker patheticism


1990 net art 1992 massurrealism identity art 1994 new beauty 1998 relational aesthetics 1999 festivalism 2002 invisibility 2006


“Visual artists who create performance works are nothing new, but Claude Wampler, a tiny woman with austere artistic intent, is a wonder.” —New York Times

This more-than-meets-the-eye performance is equal parts rock show and art installation—polar bears, smoke, ghost rock, and the unexpected coexist, twisting between formality and playful abandon, virtuality and reality. Championed as an unfettered, boundary-hopping force, Claude Wampler has spent the past decade researching, reformulating, and destabilizing the notions of theatrical expectations to challenge audiences in the best of all possible ways. Limited seating.