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Eiko & Koma

“This Japanese-American duo has been creating mesmerizingly slow, agonizingly full work for more than three decades, and to see it is to experience something that has no parallel elsewhere.” —New York Times

In this intimate quartet, legendary choreographer/dancers Eiko & Koma poetically explore the elemental theme of hunger. Using butoh-inspired, glacially slow movement and stunning real-time “action painting,” this new work reflects on physical want and familial themes as it ebbs and flows from the lovely to the violent, the poignant to the passionate. For Hunger, Eiko & Koma expand their “dance tribe” into a quartet that includes two young Cambodian visual artists /performers whom they began working with during a residency in Phnom Penh in 2004 and live music performed by Joko Sutrisno. Note: contains some nudity.