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Present Tense: Photographs by JoAnn Verburg

This exhibition of some 70 photographs and videos surveys the 25-year career of American photographer JoAnn Verburg, who often works on simultaneous series of different subjects—composed and “found” still lifes, portraits, and landscapes—as she slowly explores their pictorial possibilities. Her methodical process includes diptychs and triptychs demonstrating ways that the content of a picture can be enriched by using more than one photograph at a time, yet maintain coherence through the close formal and referential relationship of the individual exposures. Verburg’s use of a 5 by 7-inch-format camera and a radiant color palette make her photographs pleasurable balancing acts that describe the sensuality and physicality of her subjects as well as those spaces and moments suspended in the reverie that precede action. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Curator: Susan Kismaric, Department of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art