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Expanding the Frame 2009

The film screen—that luminous rectangle floating in a dark room—frames a space where dreams, illusions, and ideas are played out. Expanding the Frame is devoted to filmmakers who expand the way we think about cinema, and the third edition of this series, featuring six area premieres, focuses on the themes of place and time through films that transform concrete narrative into fluid forms. These works take us to places in all corners of the world and experiment with ways that cinema shapes history.

This year’s series also includes tributes to three pioneering filmmakers—British activist Derek Jarman, West Coast assemblage artist Bruce Conner, and avant-garde film artist Pat O’Neill—and a pair of Performative Cinema programs: the dynamic projections of Bruce McClure, and the music of Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips, composed as a complement to a selection of Andy Warhol’s Screen Test films.