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A Shot in the Dark

An empty wooden box, a clear plastic cup, a pair of balloons, a spray of paint, a bed of moss, a single word, a moment in time. Employing everyday materials and minimal gestures, the art works in this exhibition transcend their humble means as they evoke other places, times, and states of mind.

Giving form to intuition and speculation, the artists featured in A Shot in the Dark—including Mircea Cantor, Rivane Neuenschwander, Meg Webster, Joseph Beuys, Marsden Hartley, and many others—embrace subtle shifts in the order of things. Together their works ponder presence and absence, the body and its traces, and the hidden workings of the mind, as well as the unseen and sometimes mysterious energies that permeate everyday life.

Spanning more than 100 years of artistic production, from early 20th-century landscape painting and modernist abstraction to 1960s conceptualism and contemporary sculpture, this exhibition places a group of recent Walker acquisitions in the context of rarely seen works from the collection, including two films never before on view.

Curator: Eric Crosby