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John Jasperse Company

“Entertaining. Lush. Funny. Jasperse seems here to have tapped into his inner vaudevillian. [The work] exerts its charms from the moment the lights go up.” —New York Times

One of America’s most astute and influential innovators trains his keen eye on the idea of veracity—and the lack thereof—in this exploration of the often fluid boundaries between fantasy and reality. By juxtaposing varied styles of dance, performance, and music in a collage that bounces between the sincere and the ironic, John Jasperse asks us to examine what we believe, what we don’t, and why. Seasoned with his distinct humor, Truth features movement for six performers and music composed by Hahn Rowe for a chamber ensemble (Michelle Kinney, cello; Angelique Gaudette, viola; Nicolas Gaudette, bass; and Melissa Mathews, violin) and electronics. Lighting (with Joe Levasseur), sets, props, and even oddball magic tricks are all designed by the multitalented Jasperse.

Note: Performance contains nudity and sleight of hand tricks.