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The construction of a schoolhouse—with improvised techniques and using scrap materials—is
at the heart of the three-week Surplus Seminar conducted by Red76. Founded 10 years ago, this nationwide network of artists, musicians, and activists focuses on how we share and repurpose ideas, the ways in which knowledge is produced, and the myriad forms it takes. Its projects are designed to both foster and provoke public discussion and actions in public space. The Anywhere/Anyplace Academy is just one element of the seminar, which also includes bookmaking workshops, discussions, concerts, and screenings.

Everyone’s welcome: to get involved, join the group for a kickoff barbeque on Tuesday, July 20 at 6 pm; visit the schedule on the Open Field site; call the hotline at 1.888.339.4496 for information on their daily whereabouts; or find them—hammer in hand—out on the field.