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Event Series

Visiting Artist: Zhao Liang

Zhao Liang’s work examines both rural and urban realities, fast-paced progress and nostalgia, the nature of politics, and the beauty of the natural world. One of China’s leading artists working in video, photography, and documentary film, he clearly connects with the underprivileged, whom he considers to be the engine of society, and homes in on the everyday aspects of life ignored by public institutions. Zhao had a recent exhibition at the newly created Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing) and has shown his work at the Berlin Biennial and the International Center of Photography (New York) as well as at the Walker in the 2003 exhibition How Latitudes Become Forms and as part of the 2002 Dig.It Festival of Digital Media. Works by Zhao are also being presented by the University of Minnesota Department of Art from January 22–31.