Big Dance Theater: Supernatural Wife
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Big Dance Theater: Supernatural Wife

Big Dance Theater, Supernatural Wife, 2011, commissioned by the Walker Art Center

“Each medium is perfectly mastered—dance, video, theater and song combine in making this tragedy a complete and hybrid form—the ancient aligns with modern technology.” —Les Trois Coups, Avignon

New York’s Big Dance Theater has gained an avid international following for its stunning theatrical hybrids with dark comic touches—“fiercely visual work [that] can move you to tears” (Time Out New York). Their newest creation uses poet Anne Carson’s fresh translation of Euripides’ Alkestis, a rarely performed but profound exploration of death, selfishness, and self-sacrifice. The piece, which shows off the company’s seamless mix of multimedia performance, includes a Greek dance chorus, song, and soundscape contributions by Pulitzer Prize–winning composer David Lang (Bang on a Can All-Stars).

Walker Commission