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And Yet She Moves: Reviewing Feminist Cinema

From a pair of “girls gone bad” in 1960s Czechoslovakia to a meticulous depiction of a Belgian mother’s domestic routine, And Yet She Moves: Reviewing Feminist Cinema highlights the complex contours of the so-called “second-wave” of the women’s movement. This 15-film series was created in light of a broader resurgence of interest in women filmmakers of the ’70s, and focuses on the often forgotten aspects of feminism. Diverse and international, the movement was concerned not only with middle-class women getting jobs, but also with racism and class across a broad geographical spectrum.

Showcasing directors working outside the economic structures of mainstream filmmaking of their time, And Yet She Moves also accompanies the Walker’s premiere theatrical run of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s !Women Art Revolution, presented in conjunction with her exhibition at the Nash Gallery in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota.

Films are introduced by professors from the University of Minnesota.

Refreshments are available in the Walker’s Garden Café by D’Amico prior to each show.