Aelita: Queen of Mars
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Aelita: Queen of Mars

Before Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, there was the dramatic sci-fi brilliance of Protazanov’s
Aelita: Queen of Mars. Wrought with subtle erotic tensions and national predilections of the moment, the Martian adventure is known for its incredible leaps of fantasy running parallel to documentary-style depictions of 1920s Moscow. Love crosses light years in this popular Russian classic, presented in a rare 35mm print from the Walker’s Ruben/Bentson Film and Video Collection.

Composer Dennis James returns to the Walker with collaborator Mark Goldstein, known as the Filmharmonia Duo, performing with unusual historical instruments—including a theatrical organ and a theremin—to accurately capture the essence of the unique film for this rare event. 1924, 35mm, 105 minutes.

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