An Evening with Bill Morrison: Short Films and Conversation
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An Evening with Bill Morrison: Short Films and Conversation

Known for his work with rare footage and for collaborating with the great musical composers of our day, Bill Morrison hosts a screening that showcases his range of styles and discusses his work with the audience. Running time 84 minutes.

The Film of Her

Based on the story of a Library of Congress clerk who saved a vault full of some of the very first films from being burned, this film is a gorgeous tribute to the earliest days of cinema. Music by Bill Frisell. 1996, 35mm, 12 minutes.

The Mesmerist

Made by re-editing a deteriorated nitrate print of The Bells (1926), starring Lionel Barrymore and Boris Karloff, this work shows the fragility of the film image while foreshadowing the Holocaust. Music by Bill Frisell. 2003, 35mm, 16 minutes.

The Highwater Trilogy

Divided into three sections, The Highwater Trilogy examines our relationship to the threat of natural disaster by combining archival footage of icebergs, hurricanes, and floods with a soundtrack by David Lang and Michael Gordon. 2006, 35mm, 31 minutes.

Just Ancient Loops

Pulsing with life, Just Ancient Loops employs high-resolution scans of ancient nitrate footage as well as newly created CGI renderings of space. These depictions of different views of heaven are replete with an original musical score by Michael Harrison. 2012, video, 25 minutes.