Glenn Kotche with Martin Dosh: <em/> Ilimaq <e/m>
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Glenn Kotche with Martin Dosh: Ilimaq

“In the hands of a musician like Glenn, the drum set is a one-man percussion orchestra.” —John Luther Adams

Revered experimental percussionist, composer, and Wilco drummer Kotche takes on one of his most ambitious projects to date: an epic percussion opera-as-solo performance combining 19 instruments, live electronics, and Alaskan field recordings. A richly layered new work by noted Alaska-based contemporary composer John Luther Adams and written expressly for Kotche, Ilimaq (Inupiaq for “spirit journeys”) melds the rigor of modern music with found sounds of the natural world. Minneapolis percussionist/composer Martin Dosh (Fog, Andrew Bird) then joins Kotche for a kindred collaboration that clicks together loops, samples, and a battery of instruments to create a one-of-a-kind sonic mélange.

Walker Commission

Postshow Reception

Saturday, February 16
Meet the artist after the show a reception in the McGuire Theater’s Balcony Bar.