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Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton

“James Broughton’s epitaph says about all you need to know about him: ‘Adventure—not predicament.’” —SXSW Review

A lively documentary celebrates the 100th anniversary of poet and experimental filmmaker James Broughton (1913–1999), a central figure in San Francisco’s art world who played a role in creating the indie film scene that flourishes today. The entertaining collage of animated bits and excerpts from Broughton’s diaries, poems, and experimental films includes interviews with various people who knew him best, including his wife, son, long-time male lover, and former Film in the Cities director Sally Dixon. 2013, DCP, 82 minutes.

Co-director Stephen Silha will introduce the film at this event.

Preceded by a new print of Broughton’s The Bed (1968, 16mm, 20 minutes).