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HIJACK at 20

“The genesis of the Twin Cities’ singular ‘downtown’ dance scene can be traced back at least to HIJACK. The duo—Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder—planted postmodern concerns with movement and performance into a largely ballet-and-modern-dance-oriented community, where their influence has been profound.” —City Pages

Fearless and influential dance duo HIJACK returns to the Walker to celebrate a significant milestone. Not shying from the ugly underbelly of innovation and freely indulging in glitter and smoke-and-mirrors, the new work redundant, ready, reading, radish, Red Eye mixes pure experimentation with a humorous exploration of language, printed matter, and journalistic press and prose tempered by an earnest (and earned) DIY disposition.

The timely and cumulative piece celebrates 20 years of duet choreography and features guests Jennifer Arave, Leila Awadallah, Emma Barber, Tom Lloyd, Morgan Thorson, Craig VanTrees, and Melissa Wendolek who will perform alongside HIJACK in expanded duets that include found sound and wardrobe. This Walker commission and premiere launches HIJACK’s national celebration tour.

Copresented with the National Performance Network (NPN).