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Sam Green and Yo La Tengo

“Anyone familiar or unfamiliar with Fuller will be lucky to experience his life’s work through the enthralling interpretation by Green and Yo La Tengo.” —Filmmaker Magazine

Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Sam Green joins venerated indie rock band Yo La Tengo for an engaging and eye-opening “live documentary” on R. Buckminster Fuller, the inventor, architect, futurist, engineer, and author most famously known for his creation of the geodesic dome. As a progenitor around such issues as sustainability and conservation, he was also a proponent of radical societal change through design and architecture.

Live music provides the backdrop for Green’s charismatic in-person cinematic narration as he delves deep into projecting film clips, photographs, letters, and blueprints from Fuller’s immense body of work. Yo La Tengo performs the live soundtrack that resonates between the sonically subtle and richly atmospheric.

The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller is a follow-up to Green’s acclaimed live film Utopia in Four Movements, which was presented at the Walker in 2011.

Note: General Admission seating. 65 minutes.